November Postcard Swap Cards Received

Only nine for the November ihanna swap, but I did send out 10. Most are collage or mixed media. Here’s what I received:

From Sarah. It says “Greetings from Slovenia,” but it has US postage.


Maya, California

From Ellen, but I don’t know where.


Yvonne, Sweden (stitched)


Paula, UK. The button is real.


Karen, Florida


Loretta, Massachusetts


Quinn, Arizona


Ann, UK. This is my favorite. It says, “Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I’m changing myself.






Fall 2017 iHanna swap

Because of our move from Austin to the Texas Hill Country, I didn’t participate in the Spring swap. It’s been so much fun getting back into making postcards. Here are the 10 that went into the mail today, plus one from earlier this year: #diypostcardswap

Birds in a Bush (water color, stamp, washi tape, water-color pencil), to California


Caution: tape! (watercolor, washi tape), to Washington state

Strange Golden Creature (mixed media), to Maryland. Never figured out where this guy came from. I added a border of washi tape, not scanned.


Parade (water color, washi tape, glitter gel crayon, confetti), to South Carolina


Untitled (drips), (watercolor, washi tape), to Ohio


“Blue Boat Home,” setting of a Unitarian Universalist hymn (graphic design, manipulated photos), to Ohio. You can listen to the song on YouTube


Autumn nap (collage, paper, washi tape), to Florida, where they don’t get autumn


Fractals, marker, to California


How to Rake Leaves (collage), to Cornwall, England.


Skating under the Aurora 2 (water color, glitter water paint), to Fife, Scotland (intended for possible use as the cover for a book of dream poems, a dream that has yet to be realized).

This was not part of the swap, but it’s the only other postcard I’ve made recently and it hasn’t been posted before.

Celebration (collage), to friends in Austin.


In the last post before we moved, I posted a “finished” painting. Now that we’re settled and the painting has emerged from packing, I decided it just wasn’t quite done. It needed more texture.

The granddaughter (who lives with us) started school last week, and with unpacking and organizing pretty much done, I got out paints and gave this another shot.

Here it is placed on the wall of the studio, along with the first and second in the “cosmic” series, “Creation” and “Evolution.” (All are acrylic on masonite.) The first is dated 1979, the second 1980, so it took me an awfully long time to complete the cycle.

The three paintings blast out a greeting as one enters the studio from the garage.

I’m excited to be getting back to art at all. Next I want to start making postcards again.

Art at Last!

After four months of deciding to move, finding a place, selling the other place, moving, trying to settle into our new home…. I have a studio and I’ve finished a tiny bit of art!

This was a plain gray board with only the lettering on it. I bought it for a narrow space in our bathroom in the old house, with the intent of making it colorful, many months ago. The only thing I had done was the pale aqua wash. Turns out it doesn’t quite work in the space I had planned in the new house, but it’s still in the master bath, opposite the toilet, helping start my day on a bright and positive note.

Here is the before:

Plain plaque with only the aqua wash (it was gray).

Partly done:


Tarted up. (Collage, washi tape, acrylic paint)


In its place to help start my day.

Chloe felt bad that I wasn’t doing much art, so yesterday she insisted we collaborate. She drew them in Sharpie, and I painted the middle one.

Art by Chloe and Jill, now hanging on her violet wall. (Acrylic and Sharpie.)

One of the best things about our new home is the studio space. Since I share it with a 10-year-old, it’s not very tidy, but there’s enough room for both of us and I have plenty of storage. (Chloe also has a drawing table in her room, but we keep messy work in the studio.)

Studio (that was intended as a utility/mudroom, as far as I can tell). Good natural and artificial light, easy to clean.

Finally, a Finished Painting!

Started last fall, this painting turned out to be tougher than I imaged from the original pastel sketch that inspired it:

"Cosmos," preliminary sketch, pastel on paper, 12x12

“Cosmos,” preliminary sketch, pastel on paper, 12×12

And the holidays got in the way, followed by husband’s surgeries (three) and normal life with a 10-year-old granddaughter, who lives with us, and a dog, and all the other activities that keep me away from art.

The smaller one was also supposed to be a preliminary sketch, but I finished it after working out the color challenges on the large one. The color blending was difficult, especially at the boundary between yellow and violet, which (as I know from art school) are complimentary colors and, when mixed, turn neutral–beige.

"Cosmos 2," acrylic on canvas, 12x12

“Cosmos 2,” acrylic on canvas, 12×12

The titles are homage to Carl Sagan.

"Cosmos," acrylic on masonite, 24x24

“Cosmos,” acrylic on masonite, 24×24

The paintings are for sale. They are brighter than they photograph. Email me at if interested.

Nine Cards from November Swap

Fall’s ihanna swap yielded only nine cards. The ninth, from Italy, took a very long time, so I’m still hopeful number 10 may come from some remote location like Fiji or Australia. Here are the nine:


Stitchery from Italy

Stitchery from Italy.


From Minnesota, a sweet little (real) bag spilling little bits of (fake) jewelry.

From Minnesota, a sweet little (real) bag spilling bits of (fake) jewelry.


Life questions in a collage from the U.K.

Life questions in a collage from the U.K.


Self-portrait in paint and stamp from South Texas. (I digitized her image for her privacy.)

Self-portrait in paint and stamps from South Texas. (I digitized her image for her privacy.)


Collage seascape from California, one of my all-time favorites.

Collage seascape from California, one of my all-time favorites.


Whimsical collage from Germany.

Whimsical collage from Germany.


Another from England, a collage that changes "impossible" to "I'm possible."

Another from England, an upbeat collage that changes “impossible” to “I’m possible.”


A whimsical collection of gerunds in collage, from Sweden.

A whimsical collection of gerunds in collage, from Sweden.


Finally, an amazing little packet from California, tied up in a mesh bow:



Fall Postcard Swap

Here are some of the cards I sent in the most recent iHanna swap.

Shiny puffy hearts (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper)

Shiny puffy hearts (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper)


Pride of Barbados (marker)

Pride of Barbados (marker)

Doodle #25, Flow (water color pencils, glitter paint, paper, marker)

Doodle #25, Flow (water color pencils, glitter paint, paper, marker)

Doodle #24, Sparkle dots (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper) The sparkle dots had to be added after my granddaughter accidentally splashed some sparkle paint on it)

Doodle #24, Sparkle dots (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper) The sparkle dots were added after my granddaughter accidentally splashed some sparkle paint on it.

I addition, I sent several that were variations on the Skybluepink poem in the last post, except that I used several photos of a real sunrise we had recently.

I’ll post images of the cards I receive after they’ve all arrived. So far I have two.


Skybluepink poem and postcard X4

The title that my poetry group liked was “Something Else My Mother Was Wrong About,” but I decided it was too snarky and kind of like the invented run-together word.

All are water color with type on a vellum overlay. I’d love feedback on your favorite version. If you’d like one, send your mailing address to International requests are welcome.






More B(loom)!

I posted B(l)oom a while ago, and decided to do a series, working square this time.

B(l)oom 2, acrylic, 12"x12"

B(l)oom 2, acrylic, 12″x 12″


B(l)oom 3, acrylic, 12" x 12"

B(l)oom 3, acrylic, 12″ x 12″ (This is my favorite)


B(l)oom 4, acrylic.12" x 12"

B(l)oom 4 (tropical), acrylic.12″ x 12″

These pieces are for sale, $50 each or $125 for the series. Email me if you are interested:

Cool Cards from the May Swap

A little behind after travel and the granddaughter finishing the school year, I’ve scanned the postcards I received in this spring’s iHanna swap.

Marieke, Netherlands (made with hand-dyed fabric):

Marieke, the Netherlands

Kristen, California:

Kristen, California

Dori, Iowa:

Dori, Iowa

Valerie, U.S. location unknown (the card was damaged and the postmark unreadable):

Valerie, U.S. location unknown

Anna, Sweden:

Anna, Sweden

Anke, Germany:

Anke, Germany

Pam, North Dakota:

Pam, North Dakota

Cynthia, Florida:

Cynthia, Florida

Sandra, UK:

From Sandra in the UK

Carol, Nebraska:

Carol, Nebraska