Archive | June 2019


A dear friend who is a seamstress gave me a blanket, which my granddaughter immediately coveted.

The dog was sneaking past as I took the photo.

So I asked my friend to make a blanket for her, saying I would of course pay her. She said she would love to make one but would like a painting in return. She took C. shopping to pick out material and showed her the space where the painting would hang.

Finished blanket.

What to do during a thunderstorm–dog and child snuggled on the sofa.

The granddaughter’s painting; she doesn’t title her work:

Untitled. Acrylic. By C.W.

And a bonus painting I did for the friend, sort of deconstructing the colors in the larger piece.

Prism. Acrylic, me.

Since we got starting painting, she did a couple of paintings and “framed” them with duct tape:

Finally, I did a small painting. Its title: “The title of this painting is not ‘Purple Rain.'”

I haven’t posted the cards from the spring iHanna swap yet because I’ve received only nine. I’m hoping #10 is coming from Bora Bora or Australia or some other very faraway place.