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More B(loom)!

I posted B(l)oom a while ago, and decided to do a series, working square this time.

B(l)oom 2, acrylic, 12"x12"

B(l)oom 2, acrylic, 12″x 12″


B(l)oom 3, acrylic, 12" x 12"

B(l)oom 3, acrylic, 12″ x 12″ (This is my favorite)


B(l)oom 4, acrylic.12" x 12"

B(l)oom 4 (tropical), acrylic.12″ x 12″

These pieces are for sale, $50 each or $125 for the series. Email me if you are interested:

Cool Cards from the May Swap

A little behind after travel and the granddaughter finishing the school year, I’ve scanned the postcards I received in this spring’s iHanna swap.

Marieke, NetherlandsĀ (made with hand-dyed fabric):

Marieke, the Netherlands

Kristen, California:

Kristen, California

Dori, Iowa:

Dori, Iowa

Valerie, U.S. location unknown (the card was damaged and the postmark unreadable):

Valerie, U.S. location unknown

Anna, Sweden:

Anna, Sweden

Anke, Germany:

Anke, Germany

Pam, North Dakota:

Pam, North Dakota

Cynthia, Florida:

Cynthia, Florida

Sandra, UK:

From Sandra in the UK

Carol, Nebraska:

Carol, Nebraska