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Art at Last!

After four months of deciding to move, finding a place, selling the other place, moving, trying to settle into our new home…. I have a studio and I’ve finished a tiny bit of art!

This was a plain gray board with only the lettering on it. I bought it for a narrow space in our bathroom in the old house, with the intent of making it colorful, many months ago. The only thing I had done was the pale aqua wash. Turns out it doesn’t quite work in the space I had planned in the new house, but it’s still in the master bath, opposite the toilet, helping start my day on a bright and positive note.

Here is the before:

Plain plaque with only the aqua wash (it was gray).

Partly done:


Tarted up. (Collage, washi tape, acrylic paint)


In its place to help start my day.

Chloe felt bad that I wasn’t doing much art, so yesterday she insisted we collaborate. She drew them in Sharpie, and I painted the middle one.

Art by Chloe and Jill, now hanging on her violet wall. (Acrylic and Sharpie.)

One of the best things about our new home is the studio space. Since I share it with a 10-year-old, it’s not very tidy, but there’s enough room for both of us and I have plenty of storage. (Chloe also has a drawing table in her room, but we keep messy work in the studio.)

Studio (that was intended as a utility/mudroom, as far as I can tell). Good natural and artificial light, easy to clean.