Fall Postcard Swap

Here are some of the cards I sent in the most recent iHanna swap.

Shiny puffy hearts (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper)

Shiny puffy hearts (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper)


Pride of Barbados (marker)

Pride of Barbados (marker)

Doodle #25, Flow (water color pencils, glitter paint, paper, marker)

Doodle #25, Flow (water color pencils, glitter paint, paper, marker)

Doodle #24, Sparkle dots (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper) The sparkle dots had to be added after my granddaughter accidentally splashed some sparkle paint on it)

Doodle #24, Sparkle dots (water color pencil, glitter paint, paper) The sparkle dots were added after my granddaughter accidentally splashed some sparkle paint on it.

I addition, I sent several that were variations on the Skybluepink poem in the last post, except that I used several photos of a real sunrise we had recently.

I’ll post images of the cards I receive after they’ve all arrived. So far I have two.



Skybluepink poem and postcard X4

The title that my poetry group liked was “Something Else My Mother Was Wrong About,” but I decided it was too snarky and kind of like the invented run-together word.

All are water color with type on a vellum overlay. I’d love feedback on your favorite version. If you’d like one, send your mailing address to jillybeanswiggins@gmail.com. International requests are welcome.






More B(loom)!

I posted B(l)oom a while ago, and decided to do a series, working square this time.

B(l)oom 2, acrylic, 12"x12"

B(l)oom 2, acrylic, 12″x 12″


B(l)oom 3, acrylic, 12" x 12"

B(l)oom 3, acrylic, 12″ x 12″ (This is my favorite)


B(l)oom 4, acrylic.12" x 12"

B(l)oom 4 (tropical), acrylic.12″ x 12″

These pieces are for sale, $50 each or $125 for the series. Email me if you are interested: jillybeanswiggins@gmail.com.

Cool Cards from the May Swap

A little behind after travel and the granddaughter finishing the school year, I’ve scanned the postcards I received in this spring’s iHanna swap.

Marieke, Netherlands (made with hand-dyed fabric):

Marieke, the Netherlands

Kristen, California:

Kristen, California

Dori, Iowa:

Dori, Iowa

Valerie, U.S. location unknown (the card was damaged and the postmark unreadable):

Valerie, U.S. location unknown

Anna, Sweden:

Anna, Sweden

Anke, Germany:

Anke, Germany

Pam, North Dakota:

Pam, North Dakota

Cynthia, Florida:

Cynthia, Florida

Sandra, UK:

From Sandra in the UK

Carol, Nebraska:

Carol, Nebraska

The Swap is On!

After I received the list of people to send cards to in the latest ihanna swap, I addressed and stamped all my completed cards–then got sick and didn’t get them mailed out on time. But they’re all on their way now (and I’m still trying to recover from one of the worst flu-type + intestinal viruses I’ve ever had. And now my poor hubby has it.)

These went to Sweden, the U.K. (2), Israel, California, Mississippi, New York State, Illinois, Maryland and Missouri.

Red poppy happy

Red Poppy Happy (collage)




Sundrops (acrylic on canvas paper)


Spring Morning Blunn Creek (water color)

Spring Morning Blunn Creek (water color)


Mood Swing (water color)

Mood Swing (water color)


Mood Swing II (water color)

Mood Swing II (water color)


Invitation to Summer (collage)

Invitation to Summer (collage)


Texas Spring/Summer (acrylic, collage)

Texas Spring/Summer (acrylic, collage)


Cry Wolf (collage, based on music from the Beck Song Reader)

Cry Wolf (collage, based on “The Wolf is on the Hill” from the Beck Song Reader)


Bird, bee and flowers (collage)

Bird, bee and flowers (collage)




Only one painting again last week. Actually there was another, but it was a graduation gift (a 4×4-inch canvas, requested by the grad’s mom, so that the young woman will have a sort of “quilt” of small canvases to take to school). I neglected to shoot a picture of it, but it’s a lot like this one, and will be A.’s own private piece of art.

This is the first of a series of “B(l)oom” (A’s little painting is “B(l)oom” zero) the title being a play on “bloom” and “boom,” take your pick (or do both). The next will be on square canvas as I continue to explore my longtime love for explosive color.

B(l)oom, 8x10", acrylic

B(l)oom, 8×10″, acrylic

Must get back to finishing some cards for the postcard swap that starts May 1.

Some I Have to Keep

I’ve been working on post cards for the iHanna swap in May, but sometimes I make one that I can’t bear to part with.

There is a tree outside a window that reflects beautiful leaf shadows and apricot light on our living room wall when the sun reaches it. I took a photo, then tried to render it in a way that captured the magic of that ephemeral light.

After it was finished, I decided to mat it and found the perfect yellow frame, so now it hangs on the wall near the spot where the actual light comes in. I used a vellum overlay, inking in the branches and filling in the color with water color. That is laid over another layer of water color underneath, which I think gives it more depth. The “happy accident” that happens in art is that the ink, which I thought was permanent, ran when I painted in the water color. It blurred the edges a little, just as they are in the photo, even though it was unintentional.

Apricot morning light (ink and water color on vellum over water color on paper)

Apricot morning light (ink and water color on vellum over water color on paper)

Here is the photo of the actual image.

apricot light

Sea Garden

Just one painting this week, but considering it was catch-up time after spring break travel, I’m pretty happy about it.

"Sea Garden," acrylic, 8x10

“Sea Garden,” acrylic, 8×10

I’m working on post cards now, having signed up for the spring iHanna swap coming up in early May. I need 10 cards by the end of April, but I already have a couple in the works.

Benefit post cards

As part of my gallery show, I offered to send an original post card for a donation to the church. Since it’s spring, I went with a floral theme in mostly primary colors. The tiny red biplane was inspired by one I often see fly over my house.

Spring Flight

Spring Flight (water color)

Spring Flyers (water color)

Spring Flyers (water color)


When it hits the fan

You know how you can be chugging along just fine and life is great, then suddenly the poop starts flying and hits the fan?

I’ve been blessed this year with some wonderful opportunities: my gallery show, a trip to Seattle to audition for Jeopardy! and good things happening in my family.

But once in a while things just go all to heck, and for some reason I’ve been converting the poop energy into paint and slopping it on canvas. Along with knitting and cleaning, it’s therapeutic.

Turmoil. Acrylic on canvas, 12x9

“Turmoil.” Acrylic on canvas, 10 x 8

"Window." Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 9.

“Window.” Acrylic on canvas, 10 x 8.