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Spring Swap Finals

Received only nine from the Spring 2020 iHanna swap (and one isn’t photograph-able), so here are the eight. The last one arrived from Australia today! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken (no postmark, so I can’t tell when it was mailed).

From Australia, Virginia, Nebraska and California


Also from Australia, Virginia, and California, plus Arizona.




Pandemic Painting, Spring Swap

The local arts center is accepting work for a member show with the title “Created During Covid.” I’m submitting this painting, which was painted from a photo I took in early May. I love the dramatic sky against the church building, the Mormon church in my neighborhood.


Pandemic Sky (acrylic, 8×10)

I have received only eight cards from the Spring iHanna swap, but unless the last two are coming from Fiji or New Zealand, I think that will be it. The last one I received, in late June, was from Australia.

From Australia, California and Arizona


A story, some card stock, and a card incorporating a stitched sewing pattern. (I no longer have the envelope and don’t remember what state it’s from.)


From Nebraska, Arizona, and two from Virginia. The rain boots and the Dickinson quote (bottom) are my favorites.


Ready for the Spring Swap

One thing about postcard swaps: since the administrative side is done online and the actual swap is done by mail, it can go on during a pandemic! I have registered for the iHanna spring swap and have 10 cards ready to mail once Hanna sends out the lists. (See earlier posts for previously completed cards. Also see my other blog for some inspirational cards I am sending out to friends and neighbors.) Here are the final four:

We Will Dance Again (collage) A reminder for these times.

Santorini Knitting Cruise (collage) Another reminder of better days

Lifeguard on Duty (collage) Yearning for the beach?

Floral Weave (collage–images from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Color Aid paper, woven together)



Spring Postcard Swap + Bonus Cards

I’ve been on a roll, and have more than the 10 cards needed for the Spring ihanna swap.

“Shuffle” series came about when I remembered an old pack of Color Aid paper (explained in a recent post). The exercise was so much fun I did nine cards, all based on randomly selecting six or so colors from the pack. I allowed a switch out if two nearly identical colors came up, and allowed myself to just drop out one color. I also added other visual elements to increase the fun. One thing I find interesting is that, for all the “randomness” (I swear I selected the colors from the backside, blindly), there is a lot of consistency in the color palette, with pinks, purples, golds and oranges predominating. My favorite piece is the rainbow koi windsock flying over Inverness.

Here are all the recent cards, 10 of which will go in the mail to Canada, Sweden, Thailand and all over the U.S. in the next day or two.

Shuffle #2: Dots (there is no #1–the first Color Aid shuffle was in the previous post.) (collage)

Shuffle #3: Butterflies (collage)

Shuffle #4: Canyon (collage)

Shuffle #5: Journey (collage)

Shuffle #6: Believe (collage)

Shuffle #7: Rise and Shine

Shuffle #8: Floral (collage)

Shuffle #9: Splash Pad (collage)

Welcome to Scotland (collage)

A Walk on the Pier (collage)

Splash Pad (collage)

And, a fun little wrap-up (I need to take break and do some other things for a while!):

A Crawl on the Pier (collage)

Postcards for fall 2018 swap

I sent out my 10 postcards for the ihanna swap, but I’ve received only eight. I’m hoping the last two are international and just taking a long time. In the meantime, here are the ones I sent:

Shiny Bubbles – Prismacolor water color pencils


Souvenir de Paris – collage with Métro map and ticket.


Blues – Prismacolor water color pencils


Dreary Saturday Morning – watercolor, collage, washi tape


Dreary Saturday – watercolor, collage


Paris Métro Maze – collage with Métro maps, tickets, washi tape


Autumn Folly – watercolor, stamping


The Secret – watercolor, marker, computer type on vellum


La Vie en Rose – computer graphic images of Edith Piaf (“Little Sparrow”)

I’ll post the cards from the swap once I’ve received all of them.

Happy holidays! See you in 2019!


Spring Swap Wrapup

All the cards for the iHanna spring swap have been sent and received. Most of the cards I sent were within the U.S. One went to Australia. I previously posted a few, but here are two more:

Have a Seat (collage)


Wildness (collage)

I received a total of 11 cards this time–one person I sent to replied with a card, which was a nice surprise. (The “swap” isn’t normally a direct exchange–Hanna sends you 10 names and your name is sent to 10 different people.)

Most of my cards were from the U.S., many from California. One is from Germany. Here are the cards I received:

This postcard booklet came from Germany.

November Postcard Swap Cards Received

Only nine for the November ihanna swap, but I did send out 10. Most are collage or mixed media. Here’s what I received:

From Sarah. It says “Greetings from Slovenia,” but it has US postage.


Maya, California

From Ellen, but I don’t know where.


Yvonne, Sweden (stitched)


Paula, UK. The button is real.


Karen, Florida


Loretta, Massachusetts


Quinn, Arizona


Ann, UK. This is my favorite. It says, “Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I’m changing myself.





Fall 2017 iHanna swap

Because of our move from Austin to the Texas Hill Country, I didn’t participate in the Spring swap. It’s been so much fun getting back into making postcards. Here are the 10 that went into the mail today, plus one from earlier this year: #diypostcardswap

Birds in a Bush (water color, stamp, washi tape, water-color pencil), to California


Caution: tape! (watercolor, washi tape), to Washington state

Strange Golden Creature (mixed media), to Maryland. Never figured out where this guy came from. I added a border of washi tape, not scanned.


Parade (water color, washi tape, glitter gel crayon, confetti), to South Carolina


Untitled (drips), (watercolor, washi tape), to Ohio


“Blue Boat Home,” setting of a Unitarian Universalist hymn (graphic design, manipulated photos), to Ohio. You can listen to the song on YouTube


Autumn nap (collage, paper, washi tape), to Florida, where they don’t get autumn


Fractals, marker, to California


How to Rake Leaves (collage), to Cornwall, England.


Skating under the Aurora 2 (water color, glitter water paint), to Fife, Scotland (intended for possible use as the cover for a book of dream poems, a dream that has yet to be realized).

This was not part of the swap, but it’s the only other postcard I’ve made recently and it hasn’t been posted before.

Celebration (collage), to friends in Austin.

Nine Cards from November Swap

Fall’s ihanna swap yielded only nine cards. The ninth, from Italy, took a very long time, so I’m still hopeful number 10 may come from some remote location like Fiji or Australia. Here are the nine:


Stitchery from Italy

Stitchery from Italy.


From Minnesota, a sweet little (real) bag spilling little bits of (fake) jewelry.

From Minnesota, a sweet little (real) bag spilling bits of (fake) jewelry.


Life questions in a collage from the U.K.

Life questions in a collage from the U.K.


Self-portrait in paint and stamp from South Texas. (I digitized her image for her privacy.)

Self-portrait in paint and stamps from South Texas. (I digitized her image for her privacy.)


Collage seascape from California, one of my all-time favorites.

Collage seascape from California, one of my all-time favorites.


Whimsical collage from Germany.

Whimsical collage from Germany.


Another from England, a collage that changes "impossible" to "I'm possible."

Another from England, an upbeat collage that changes “impossible” to “I’m possible.”


A whimsical collection of gerunds in collage, from Sweden.

A whimsical collection of gerunds in collage, from Sweden.


Finally, an amazing little packet from California, tied up in a mesh bow:



The Swap is On!

After I received the list of people to send cards to in the latest ihanna swap, I addressed and stamped all my completed cards–then got sick and didn’t get them mailed out on time. But they’re all on their way now (and I’m still trying to recover from one of the worst flu-type + intestinal viruses I’ve ever had. And now my poor hubby has it.)

These went to Sweden, the U.K. (2), Israel, California, Mississippi, New York State, Illinois, Maryland and Missouri.

Red poppy happy

Red Poppy Happy (collage)




Sundrops (acrylic on canvas paper)


Spring Morning Blunn Creek (water color)

Spring Morning Blunn Creek (water color)


Mood Swing (water color)

Mood Swing (water color)


Mood Swing II (water color)

Mood Swing II (water color)


Invitation to Summer (collage)

Invitation to Summer (collage)


Texas Spring/Summer (acrylic, collage)

Texas Spring/Summer (acrylic, collage)


Cry Wolf (collage, based on music from the Beck Song Reader)

Cry Wolf (collage, based on “The Wolf is on the Hill” from the Beck Song Reader)


Bird, bee and flowers (collage)

Bird, bee and flowers (collage)