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New Markers, New Work

Please send your mailing address to if you would like to receive an original jillybeans card. No cost, no obligation, just my tiny gift to the world.

As mentioned previously, I was ready for more professional-quality markers. So I went to Jerry’s Artarama, which is an artist’s date unto itself, and after a pleasant browse around settled on a set of 24 Concept markers, plus a couple of extra colors. The orange in the set is a bit pallid, so next time I’ll get a brighter orange, too. One thing I like about these markers is that you can buy them individually as you use them up or to supplement colors. Because they’re alcohol markers they do show through on both Bristol board and poster board, so I’m having to glue a postcard back onto them. I also made a color key because the names aren’t very helpful–“pale pink” is warm and “light pink” is cool.

Concept marker color key 001

I still use the Crayolas, and I let my granddaughter try to the new ones, carefully, with supervision (“remember, they’re permanent, and please don’t squish the tips).  When she was finished she carefully arranged them all in color order.

New markers with a few sharpies fitting in.

New markers with a few Sharpies fitting in.

When she was here last week I asked her to paint something that could be used for a card. She did a watercolor monoprint, which she sent to her mommy.

Butterfly, by Chloe (water color monoprint)

Butterfly, by Chloe (water color monoprint)

Here’s what else I’ve done in the past couple of weeks. Having a blast with the summer collages. Might have enough images for one more. I’m also trying to come up with an idea for a library mail art exhibit in Kansas. I love books, libraries and mail art!

Seeking Shade

Seeking Shade (collage)

Hamilton Pool Boogie

Hamilton Pool Boogie (we took the kids to this iconic Texas swimming hole. I love the two “babes.”) (collage)

Rainbow Rocket (sent to a friend recovering from surgery)

Rainbow Rocket (sent to a friend recovering from surgery) (marker)



Rainbow planets (I sent this to Chloe)

Rainbow planets (I sent this to Chloe) (marker)








Doodle #21 (marker)

Doodle #21 (marker)

Doodle 19

Doodle #19 (marker)

Doodle #20

Doodle #20 (marker)

Prairie Sunset (water color)

Prairie Sunset (water color)