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Only one painting again last week. Actually there was another, but it was a graduation gift (a 4×4-inch canvas, requested by the grad’s mom, so that the young woman will have a sort of “quilt” of small canvases to take to school). I neglected to shoot a picture of it, but it’s a lot like this one, and will be A.’s own private piece of art.

This is the first of a series of “B(l)oom” (A’s little painting is “B(l)oom” zero) the title being a play on “bloom” and “boom,” take your pick (or do both). The next will be on square canvas as I continue to explore my longtime love for explosive color.

B(l)oom, 8x10", acrylic

B(l)oom, 8×10″, acrylic

Must get back to finishing some cards for the postcard swap that starts May 1.

Some I Have to Keep

I’ve been working on post cards for the iHanna swap in May, but sometimes I make one that I can’t bear to part with.

There is a tree outside a window that reflects beautiful leaf shadows and apricot light on our living room wall when the sun reaches it. I took a photo, then tried to render it in a way that captured the magic of that ephemeral light.

After it was finished, I decided to mat it and found the perfect yellow frame, so now it hangs on the wall near the spot where the actual light comes in. I used a vellum overlay, inking in the branches and filling in the color with water color. That is laid over another layer of water color underneath, which I think gives it more depth. The “happy accident” that happens in art is that the ink, which I thought was permanent, ran when I painted in the water color. It blurred the edges a little, just as they are in the photo, even though it was unintentional.

Apricot morning light (ink and water color on vellum over water color on paper)

Apricot morning light (ink and water color on vellum over water color on paper)

Here is the photo of the actual image.

apricot light