Only one painting again last week. Actually there was another, but it was a graduation gift (a 4×4-inch canvas, requested by the grad’s mom, so that the young woman will have a sort of “quilt” of small canvases to take to school). I neglected to shoot a picture of it, but it’s a lot like this one, and will be A.’s own private piece of art.

This is the first of a series of “B(l)oom” (A’s little painting is “B(l)oom” zero) the title being a play on “bloom” and “boom,” take your pick (or do both). The next will be on square canvas as I continue to explore my longtime love for explosive color.

B(l)oom, 8x10", acrylic

B(l)oom, 8×10″, acrylic

Must get back to finishing some cards for the postcard swap that starts May 1.

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